' Rick Udlock's Overall Policies Page

The Grand Overall Syllabus

Rick Udlock, IS/CS Department

Note: The policies outlined in this document apply to all classes taught by me unless overridden in the syllabus for a specific course.

Instructor Info:

Office: Building 18, 112H
Email: Rick.Udlock@SFCC.Spokane.edu
Phone: 533-3795

I do not have regular office hours. The best way to contact me is by email.

Class Policies

My basic objective is for you to learn the material covered in the course and to have fun doing it.

Be prepared (the key to success):

Regular attendance:

Conduct yourself with courtesy, respect, and consideration for others:


Exams & quizzes:



Special Accommodations:

If you have a health condition or disability that may require you to have accommodations in order to effectively participate in any class, please contact the Disability Support Services in Building 17, Room 201 (Phone 533-4166). Information about conditions or disabilities will be regarded as confidential.

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