The Many Names of Sugar

Dietary sugar is in the news and has taken center stage in the obesity epidemic.  It is easy for a health-care professional to make the recommendation, "reduce your sugar intake". However, spotting the many "hidden sugars" found in most processed foods is a challenge. Listed below are 96 alternative names for sugar often used in packaged food products.  Start with a quick review of the three Sugar Word Tips.

Sugar Word Tips: 

  1. A word ending in “ose” or “ides” is a sugar.
  2. Keep in mind that honey, maple syrup and molasses, are still sugars (carbohydrate) and used by the body as such.
  3. Ingredient lists are written in descending order by volume.  Although sugar may not be listed first, there may be 5 or 6 different sugars. When added together, it makes sugar the most abundant ingredient in the product.
Amasake Glucitol Microcrystalline cellulose
Apple sugar Glucoamine Molasses
Barbados sugar Gluconolactone Monoglycerides
Bark sugar Glucose Monosaccarides
Barley malt Glucose polymers Nectars
Beet sugar Glucose syrup Neotame
Brown rice syrup Glycerides Pentose
Brown sugar Glycerine Polydextrose
Cane juice Glycerole Polyglycerides
Cane sugar Glycol Powdered sugar
Caramelized foods Hexitol Raisin juice
Carbitol High-fructose corn syrup or HFCS Raisin syrup
Carmel coloring Honey Raw sugar
Carmel sugars Inversol Ribose rice syrup
Concentrated fruit juice Isomalt Rice malt
Corn sweetener Karo syrups Rice sugar
Corn syrup Lactose Rice malt
Date sugar Levulose Rice sugar
Dextrin “Light” sugar Rice sweeteners
Dextrose Lite” sugar Rice syrup solids
Diglycerides Malitol Saccharides
Disaccharides Malt dextrin Sorbitol
D-tagalose Malted barley Sorghum
Evaporated can juice Maltodextrins Sucanat
Florida crystals Maltodextrose Sucanet
Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) Maltose Sucrose
Fructose Malts Sugar cane
Fruit juice concentrate Mannitol Trisaccharides
galactose Mannose Turbinado sugar
White sugar Maple syrup Unrefined sugar
Xylitol Zylose Confectioner’s sugar
Granulated sugar Carob powder Agave