IS-210 Internet Programming

Term: Fall 2023

Class Hours: TBD

Classroom: Online

Instructor: Rick Udlock
Office Phone: 533-3795
Office: 18-112H

Course Description:

Students create web pages using HTML and other scripting languages. Experience is gained in designing and structuring effective and accessible web pages, including pages with tables, forms and frames. Students format pages using cascading style sheets and advanced concepts, including JavaScript.

Course Outline:

  1. Introduction to web development
  2. How to edit, test, and validate a web page
  3. How to use HTML to structure a web page
  4. How to use CSS to format the elements of a web page
  5. How to work with lists and links
  6. How to use Responsive Web Design
  7. How to work with images
  8. HHow to work with forms
  9. How to add audio and video to your website
  10. How to work with fonts and printing
  11. How to use CSS3 transitions, transforms, animations, and filters
  12. More advanced topics

Required Text and Materials:

IS-210 Textbook
Unix and Linux Visual Quickstart Guide, 5th Edition
by Zak Ruvalcaba & Anne Boehm
ISBN 978-1-943872-86-2


Overall Syllabus

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